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"Through photography I evolve. Through photography I get to know man kind."


Andrea Miconi was born in Rome in 1979. He started his career as a still picture photographer for a number of short films and from 2007 for feature films as well.
In the last few years, Andrea, as well as working in many movie sets for the television and the cinema industry, has shot advertising campaigns for important clients and he has been commissioned many editorials for prestigious magazines.

He is also always developing personal projects that catch the attention of the media.

Since 2018 he is represented by Mandala Creative Production.

To commission his work or for further information, please contact:

Andrea Miconi

Tel:  +393396032456

P.IVA 13817181004

Mandala Creative Productions

Via P. Lomazzo 58 - 20154 Milano
Ph. +39 02 36635757
Fax +39 02 36635769




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