This work wants to describe the atmosphere during the days prior to local elections in Kosovo, the first local election since 2008 Kosovo declaration of independence. Further to the Brussels agreement reached in April between Kosovo and Serbia, these elections represent a decisive step forward to overcome the troubled Serbian current history, characterised by many the attempts to maintain its sovereignty over Kosovo. The importance of these elections stands as well in the significant rift in the Serbian domestic front which they caused. On the one hand, the more radical and nationalist wing, to whom Kosovo is 100% Serbian territory, “Sacred ground of Kosovo” for the Serbian Orthodox Church, argues that the Serbs of Kosovo should not take part in these elections with their votes as this would legitimate Kosovo as an independent state. The other hand, running the current government, takes instead the opposite view, albeit with some reservations, and it is opening up to formal recognition of the Republic of Kosovo essentially for two reasons: first, participation to these elections will approach the country to the European institutions that negotiated the agreement, which could determine the possibility of a future accession of Serbia to the EU; second, Belgrade is no more willing to provide funding for something that it will surely never obtain. Many Serbs of Kosovo feel abandoned and betrayed by their motherland, many other are just looking for plain “normality”, even if it means relying on Kosovo institutions.This work was developed during my stay in Mitrovica and in the Serb enclaves of Brezovica, Peč and Pristina.

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